Programs Offered at NADACA for Youth

Adolescent Education and Prevention

Primary Field Counselling & After Care Counselling

F.A.S.D. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Program

Education Day Program – Prescription Drug Outpatient Program and Relapse Program

Diversion Programs

Education Youth Services/Solvent Abuse Program – Building Healthy Communities

Mi'kmaw Lodge Treatment Center – 19 & up

Eagle’s Nest Recovery House – 19 & up

D.W.I.  License Restoration Program – Those with a license

Educational workshops for youth K to 12 (age 4 to 19) Certified through CACCF – Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation - updated March 2013.

             Peer Training/Conflict Resolution for Youth

             The Continuum of Violence and Bullying

             Solvent Abuse

             Substance Abuse – What’s Really Out There! Underage drinking & Binge Drinking

             Self Care Workshop

             Kicking the Addiction

             Marijuana – So you think it can’t hurt you

             Solvent Abuse & Traditional Teachings

             Bullying Without Borders – Pushed to the Brink Bullycide

             Peer Helper Mentoring Workshops

Other workshops: Up to date – as of February 2014

High on Pain Killers

How to Say No & Mean it

Confessions of a Bully

Bullying, Cyberbullying, Sexting,

Peer Pressure

Drinking Underage – Drinking and Driving


Stress – The Good, Bad & the Healthy

Mental Health and Addictions:  Teens and Depression

Seven Grandfathers


Diversion Activities:

Diversion Activities are those activities which divert youth away from substance misuse or abuse, teach them values and instill self esteem and empowerment.  Addiction Counsellors in each Community determine which activities are best suitable to meet the needs of their Community.

Example:  Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, Traditional Arts & Crafts, Children’s Fun Days, Swimming, Canoeing, First Aid/CPR, Youth Dances, Floor Hokey, medicine walks, eel fishing, clam digging, sweet grass harvesting.

Teritiary Prevention: 

Individual Counselling

Crisis Intervention - Assessments:  SASSI

A.A. Group & Alanon Group/Al Ateen

Spiritual & Cultural - programs

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