" With a vision our purpose and direction in life becomes clearer. We learn from our past experiences as a survivor of the abuses and become stronger as a person. Let us create that vision of wellness."

Program Objective

"To develop a healing strategy for one of the primary roots of alcohol and drug abuse in the First Nations community, ie., the legacy of abuse as a result of the residential school system"

Dedicated To The Many Survivors:

"I look and saw a bay horse standing there and he began to speak: Behold me!
He said, " My life history you shall see. Then he wheeled about to where the sun goes down, and said: " behold them! Their history you shall know."

Black Elk's Vision
Nethardt 1932

Journey of Healing Staff Directory

Mikmaq Lodge Treatment Centre

Emily MacDonald
Clinical Therapist, MSW, RSW
Lottie Johnson
Traditional Teacher
Mike MacInnis
Mobile Clinical Therapist, MSW, RSW
Shirley Morris
Social Work Aide
Contact Information
Mikmaw Lodge (902)379-2262
Toll Free - 1-866-588-5954
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Wekatesk Augustine
Community Youth Worker


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